About Us


Since its inception Distortion Entertainment has been present at over six major film festivals including Cannes, Venice, Berlin to name a few. As a production company we believe in producing risk taking independent films, and also working and showcasing up and coming diverse talent. At Distortion Actors our primary focus is on actors to extend their knowledge of the industry so that they can ultimately take control of their professional careers. Our courses are designed to have actors work on their craft, preparing them for film and television auditions. We offer a variety of services from casting directors workshop, to drama tutoring and reel editing.


We want actors to get the best out of our three week workshop. We believe with dedication, hard work, smart work, patience and industry knowledge actors put themselves in the best possible position to land work. At Distortion Actors we believe everyone can reach the top of their craft as long as they adapt these key principles.


We understand that its never easy to take things to the next level. Our production company motto is Distort Reality Creatively. We offer tools to make sure you succeed, and put yourself in the best possible position to land that dream job. We put you in front of the best casting directors with the highest knowledge of the industry.


Film work includes DOG SOLDIERS, KEEPING MUM and VAN WILDER II, as well as children’s films THE THIEF LORD, HEIDI and GREYFRIARS BOBBY. As a associate casting director she collaborated on the casting of blockbusters including HELLBOY, BLADE II and HIDALGO TV work includes PINOCHET’S LAST STAND, WINTER SOLSTICE, two series of TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION and numerous mini-series for American network television, including the EMMY nominated JOSEPH.

Andrea casts major national and international commercial campaigns, including MCDONALDS, RIMMEL, ZURICH, JOHN LEWIS and T-MOBILE, whilst continuing to cast films and tv projects of all sizes and genres.


Film credits include SHADOW OF A VAMPIRE with Willem Dafoe and John Malkovich, THE WEDDING DATE with Deborah Messing, Dermot Mulroney and Amy Adams, BLOOD CREEK with Michael Fassbender and directed by Joel Schumacher and Trevor Nunn’s all star TWELTH NIGHT. Recent film includes SON OF GOD which was released by 20th Century Fox in 3000 cinemas in America in 2014.

TV credits includes THE BIBLE series. Initially seen on US TV in 2013, it has become the most successful mini series of all time.